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Spiral Portrait smallKatharina Grad Steinmeyer

-Designer, Aging-in-Place Specialist

Katharina was born in Germany and moved to the US in 1998. She travels to Europe on an annual basis with her sons and is still deeply connected to the European lifestyle.

She earned certifications in interior design and fine woodworking in Germany.

In 2002 she and her family moved to Portland, OR, where she began her studies in therapeutic horticulture and gerontology.

Being aware of the needs of people’s ever changing life stages, she was searching for a way to combine all her knowledge and skills to create a custom designed and supportive living environment for anybody, any age and any ability.

Katharina’s passion is to create holistic living spaces using universal design elements, which include the interior as well as the surroundings. She specializes in designing for aging-in-place and creating beautiful, supportive and even healing gardens, no matter how restricted the space.

Katharina received her Real Estate license in 2014 and is currently getting certified as a Senior Real Estate Specialist.

Paz Pozarycki

-Designer, Construction Specialist

Paz studied Architecture and Green Building Design at University of Colorado and Ramapo University NJ.

He worked in the building trades and was trained in HVAC design and bidding working for his father for 4 years in Padderson, NJ.

Paz began working for energy services companies in the late 80’s into the 90’s. He specialized in energy efficient lighting design and project management for Metropolitan Power Technologies and Enersave Inc. in New York.

Later he began work as a private consultant working for companies such as Siemens Technology and the PSE&G’s Standard Offer program.

After moving to Portland, Oregon in 2000 he started investing in residential and small commercial buildings for upgrade, rental and resale.

He has over 15 years experience in the Portland real estate and rental market.

Katharina and Paz met through their passion for Argentine Tango dancing. Their love for design and creating small, but beautiful living spaces quickly turned into a succesful business idea.

With their special combination of skills and eperience, they are a truly unique team.

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